Infosys is a global IT consulting that provides end-to-end solutions in the domain of Business consulting, Information technology, and Outsourcing services, thereby enabling clients from various industry segments to enhance their business performance. Infosys essentially offers software development, product maintenance, and independent validation services to companies in finance, manufacturing, insurance, and other sectors.

Infosys Recruitment Process

The eligible candidates should then go through three rounds of the recruitment process of Infosys that includes:

  • Online Assessment Test
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Interview Rounds

Round 1 (Online Test): The online assessment test holds three sections

  • Logical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability

To clear this round, you need to clear the sectional cutoff for each section.

Round 2(Technical and HR Interview): This round is comprised of both the technical and HR questions.  

These interview questions were collected from the students who have recently attended Infosys interviews.

  1. Self-introduction
  2. Project
  3. Challenges faced in the project?
  4. What is your role in this project?
  5. What is your long-term goal?
  6. Who presented the final project presentation?
  7. Did you make any new changes to this project?
  8. Do you want to implement any new thoughts in this project and what did your teammates say! Did they agree to your proposal?
  9. Time duration for this project?
  10. Are you a team member or team leader?
  11. How do you face challenges with your teammates?
  12. Do you have active coordination with your teammates?
  13. Explain your project briefly and questions from the project.
  14. Difference between C and C++
  15. Comfortable language (programming)?
  16. Oops, concepts
  17. What is data abstraction?
  18. Write a code for polymorphism
  19. list and tuple differences
  20. Difference between Multilevel and multiple inheritances
  21. Why java doesn’t support multi-level inheritance
  22. Questions on DBMS like what is DB and RDBMS
  23. SQL joins
  24. what is cloud computing
  25. Then he asked for my college subjects and asked questions on them except programming languages
  26. what is AND gate OR gate
  27. what is a matrix what do you do with that
  28. Ready to relocate
  29. Comfortable with any technology
  30. Do you have any questions for me


  1. Make sure you choose a quiet place for your interview with a good internet connection. 
  2. Focus on the way you present your projects.
  3. Be polite and confident.
  4. In case you do not know the answer be honest and admit your lack of familiarity, don’t dwell on what you don’t know.

All the best!!